Brand and Website Launch

A big thank you to those who attended our event to launch our new brand and website. We really enjoyed hearing from CEO Pam Batkin about the reasons behind the change – she explained that we undertook extensive discussion with our community and they overwhelmingly agreed that we needed a new fresh name and look to reflect how they felt about Woodville and our aim of working together with our community for a better future for everyone.

We also had a wonderful talk by Peter Solness on his Illuminate photography as well as interviews with two of his subjects from our community on their experience with our community centre as well as being subjects for this beautiful project. Peter also did much of the photography on our new site and is launching his own exhibition on Thursday 3 September.

We had wonderful coffees provided by our Coffee Cart crew and beautiful cupcakes with the new logo to have with them.

Welcome to Woodville Alliance!


Recently Woodville Alliance dropped the ‘community services’ from its name and replaced it with Alliance.

We like the word ‘Alliance’ because it emphasises our priority to work in partnership with all people, from all walks of life, especially members of our local communities in Western Sydney. Only by listening to each other and working towards solutions together can we make a better future.

We want to work with YOU, our local community, to make a better future for our kids, a better future for those of us who are homeless, a better future for those of us with disabilities, a better future for those of us with mental health worries, a better future for those of us who are discriminated against.

We are celebrating with a brand and website launch at our purpose built EARTH Centre on Wednesday 26 August 2015, we are very excited to share our new look with our community and will be uploading pictures of the event soon – watch this space!