National Hat Day Friday 9th October 2015


On Friday Carramar Early Childhood Education & Care Centre celebrated National Hat Day. The children made hats with their teachers and played games. Great fun for a great cause!

National Hat Day is to raise funds for Australian Rotary Health, one of the largest not-for-profit funders of mental health research in Australia. Their Cool Kids program helps the 1 or 2 in 10 kids that feel anxiety so much that it interferes with their lives ( – thank you for helping us to shine a light on mental illness.

We raised some much needed funds – every dollar counts! The children had a great time making their own hat and they also enjoyed showing their hats to their peers. The children played musical chairs and used ribbon wands to dance around with outside. It was fun day for all children and staff involved!


Strong Minds at Value Your Mind Launch and Expo

Yvonne and Azru from our Strong Minds team were very happy to take part in the Value Your Mind Launch and Expo at Holroyd City Council Headquarters to help celebrate Mental Health Week. Mental Health Week is an opportunity to promote awareness about mental health and wellbeing, and equip people with the right information.

We are also celebrating the opening of our new Strong Minds office in Auburn where Yvonne and Azru are among the wonderful case workers. Our Strong Minds program works alongside your family to build the social and emotional skills needed to deal with life’s challenges. Getting support before challenges become too much to handle makes it easier to cope in the long term.

The Value Your Mind Launch was a brilliant opportunity to meet many people in our community, discuss how we can help and also chat with other service providers. There was a wonderful feeling of connection with our community and we hope that the children, young people and their families living with mental illness who make their way to our door will feel that sense of community too.