A weekly dose of community connection

“Wellbeing: a state of being comfortable, healthy or happy”

This is one definition of wellbeing. Another way to look at wellbeing is a consistent state of wellness.

Feeling connected with your community is an important part of wellbeing, which is why Woodville Alliance hosts barbecues weekly at our community garden, to bring members of the community together.


There is no need to RSVP to these events and everyone is welcome. Our aim is to assist the community in creating cross-cultural and cross-generational understanding as well as community harmony.

The barbecues take place next to the Villawood Community Garden which is open for people to visit during the barbecues. The garden provides people with an opportunity to create positive hobbies such as gardening and helps build their team work skills.

It’s an opportunity for members of the Villawood community who might be socially isolated to meet new people, have a chat and a bite to eat. After all, it is a well-recognised fact that  eating together fosters a feeling of belonging and better communication. Through this program we have already met some wonderful community members who have shared their stories and passion for their local community.

These community conversations are one of the ways Woodville listens to what the community wants, which is how we work towards a better future for all.

The people who attend the barbecues seem to agree.

Where: Urana Street community garden

Time: 10am to 12noon

When: every Wednesday

For more information, call us on 9724 3807


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