Mission, Vision and Values

Woodville mission vision values logo


  • Woodville Alliance will work in partnership with our communities to identify and build on the strengths and develop the resources, capacity and resilience of all members of our community. We will do this through the provision of information, direct services, research, advocacy and social action.


  • Our vision is for a fairer, more just society and improved quality of life for people in Greater Western Sydney.


  • Fairness and Social Justice
  • Compassion and Empathy
  • Empowerment
  • Reconciliation – We respect and value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their cultural heritage
  • Cultural Diversity – We respect and value cultural diversity, including diversity in personal and religious values
  • Valuing and respecting our people – We value the work of both our staff and volunteers and support their right to fair working conditions and career development opportunities
  • Sustainability – We believe that social policy and programs should be responsible and sustainable with regard to environmental and economic impacts
  • Highest Quality and Innovation