All about ‘home’—dance partnership with Fairfield youth theatre co

A group of Woodville clients are making final preparations for the launch of a creative project they have been working on in collaboration with long-term partners,  the Powerhouse Youth Theatre.

The six dancers have reflected on their idea of ‘home’ during the Dance Diaries project. Throughout the project, the Disability Services dancers have enjoyed the involvement of their families, who are an important part of the project.

Choreographer Linda Luke is the creative driving force behind Dance Diaries, along with film maker Martin Fox and sound designer, Michael Toisuta. Linda has established a great connection with the dancers thanks to a previous creative partnership the dancers were involved with in 2015, Being Moved.

The experience of working with the six dancers is wonderfully expressed in a blog post written by Linda, where she talks about what she learnt and valued most about  the process.

Dance Diaries has been a journey that has involved months of workshops, film shoots, rehearsals and discoveries.

It is through projects like this one that Woodville Alliance supports clients of our Disability Services program to access their community, express themselves, experience something new, perform in front of an audience and work together

Dance Diaries: Reflections of Home

Friday 31 March 6-8pm

Powerhouse Youth Theatre, Fairfield


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