Caring for someone with a disability? Support is here

Support for a person they care for is typically the first priority of carers, according to Carers NSW. But what about the carers themselves? Our disAbility Services team asked our families what they wanted and this is what they said…

Families are in the process of transitioning to the NDIS. And that means lots of change, new ways of doing things, new information.

For some people, it is a case of analysis paralysis – too much choice, which becomes a burden. With so much information available, knowing where to access it can be overwhelming.

Families told us they wanted a way to meet others going through similar experiences to them. So we helped to make it happen. We organised NDIS Workshops, so carers of people with a disability who attend our programs could get the facts they needed about the NDIS…and meet other families.

Now we have partnered with families and carers to create a carer support group. After two meetings the carers decided to call the group Together Linking Carers (TLC).

A disAbility Services parent runs TLC, with support from Woodville Alliance. The group may grow in the future, to include alternative meeting times and locations, but for now, TLC meets monthly.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 15 March from 6.30-7.30pm

To book, click here, or call us on 9722 5200


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