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So you received your NDIS plan? That’s great!

But your head is spinning with more questions than answers? You are not alone.



We’ve heard many of your questions about the NDIS — whether on the phone, at face-to-face meetings, at Woodville’s carer support group meetings and at our information nights — now we want to share answers to the most frequently asked questions.



  1. Will my NDIS plan affect my carer allowance from Centrelink?

No it won’t. Centrelink and NDIS are completely separate to each other. The only way the NDIS will impact on your Centrelink payment is with your mobility allowance. NDIS have their own transport allowance which replaces the mobility allowance from Centrelink.


  1. I’m not happy with my NDIS plan, what do I need to do to get a ‘review’?

Plan reviews do not guarantee a higher amount of funding. Some Woodville client families have experienced this. The review process is not easy.

Detailed documentation is required from doctors, health professionals, service providers etc, in order to back up a review claim.

Woodville is advocating on behalf of our families where needed.


  1. I don’t have a MyGov account set up.

Don’t stress! Either the NDIS will contact you or you can contact the NDIS.

You can send the NDIS your bank details and they will make payment arrangements.


  1. Why has my mobility allowance stopped?

When you have a meeting with your LAC, you need to let them know that you are receiving mobility allowance from Centrelink so they can request for transport allowance under NDIS once the plan is activated. All you need to do is set up your myGov account and linked to NDIS participant portal and put your (or your child’s) bank details on the portal in order to receive transport allowance.


  1. I need an interpreter, is this funded?

When meeting with your Support Coordinator, the service provider should supply an interpreter at their expense where possible. But for other general meeting such as medical appointments, or therapies… you should have the key word- CONSUMABLES- under core support funding. What that mean is that you can have NDIS funding allocated to pay for translating and interpreting.

If you have funding in ‘Consumables’, you can use it for interpreting services.

  1. I don’t have funding for Support Coordination, or Plan Management and I don’t know what to do.

Your LAC should assist you with connecting you to the service and supports. Where it is not possible, you need to request an internal review, and outline to the NDIS planner why you need the hours of support coordination and plan management.  Be aware this is getting difficult now for NDIS to approve funding for both as they have changed their policy on who is eligible for it.  We can assist your with review.


  1. Where can I find Support Coordination?

As you may or may not know, you can contact us for Support Coordination services on 9722 5200.

Innovate Plus is part of Woodville Alliance Disability Services, an approved NDIS provider (provider number 4050003012)

Click here for more information about Innovate Plus or call us on 9722 5200.

Celebrating diversity at the Living Cultures Festival

Celebrating the energy and diversity of Fairfield City and its communities



Fairfield City Council recently hosted The Living Cultures Festival at the Fairfield Museum & Gallery and we were there!


In celebration of Harmony Day, we invited visitors to take a selfie with our Harmony Day selfie frame and welcomed all visitors to our stall to leave their handprint on Woodville’s canvas – a symbol of inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.


Fairfield’s diversity was on display with wonderful cultural performances, music and food.

A big thank you to our dedicated staff who donated their time to attend to our stall – Steven, Nargis and Karisha.

Our Saturday Leisure Link group was also at the Living Cultures Festival.
Leisure Link and Leisure Link Plus are recreational programs that run three Saturdays of every month.

It’s all about fun and accessing the best Sydney has to offer such as museums, festivals and events, cinemas, golf, swimming and much more.
Call Mike on 9722 5200 to book a spot today!

Carer Support Meetings Calendar 2017

2017 dates for Together Linking Carers meetings are now available for you to add to your diary.

If you haven’t attended a meeting like this before, then now is the time to start.
It’s a group run by carers, for carers, so it’s all about you and what you want to discuss. It’s also about caring for carers.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 19 April from 6.30-7.30pm

—at our office at 44-46 Mandarin Street.

To book, click here, or call us on 9722 5200


International Women’s Day


Today is International Women’s Day and we are being asked to #BeBoldForChange.

So to mark this important day for women, our Strong Families, Strong Communities team and Villawood Senior Citizens Volunteers got together for a #IWD lunch at the Villawood Senior Citizens Centre.

Members of the Villawood community joined group leaders and members of the Vietnamese, Arabic and Craft Groups supported by Woodville Alliance to celebrate all the strong women in the room.

We had discussions about strong women who had had major influences in our lives, the value of women and how we could all play a part in helping drive better outcomes for women.  In other words: women supporting women!

#BeBoldForChange was a major topic of discussion and women in the room discussed what it all means to them.  The lunch gathering ended on a sweet note with handmade purple cupcakes, made by our very own Strong Minds Team Manager.

Meanwhile, staff across Woodville Alliance came together at our Fairfield office to hear from our CEO Pam Batkin about how far women have come but how much more there is to be done!

Much will be written today about women and this year’s celebration,  but for now, we share with you some inspirational quotes by women for women.

The disAbility Services Friday Night Disco goes off!

Last Friday night we held the first ever FRIDAY NIGHT DISCO!


It was a great night enjoyed by all, with lots of dancing, singing and catching up with friends.

We hope to see you all there at the next Disco!


It was also an opportunity to farewell Suzanne.
We wish her all the best and know that we were very lucky to have her as part of the Woodville Alliance disAbility Services team.


Stay tuned for the next Disco date – please let us know if you are interested by calling Karisha on 9722 5200.

To view more photos, like us on Facebook – Woodville-Alliance.
You will also be kept up-to-date with other events and activities.

Caring for someone with a disability? Support is here

Support for a person they care for is typically the first priority of carers, according to Carers NSW. But what about the carers themselves? Our disAbility Services team asked our families what they wanted and this is what they said…

Families are in the process of transitioning to the NDIS. And that means lots of change, new ways of doing things, new information.

For some people, it is a case of analysis paralysis – too much choice, which becomes a burden. With so much information available, knowing where to access it can be overwhelming.

Families told us they wanted a way to meet others going through similar experiences to them. So we helped to make it happen. We organised NDIS Workshops, so carers of people with a disability who attend our programs could get the facts they needed about the NDIS…and meet other families.

Now we have partnered with families and carers to create a carer support group. After two meetings the carers decided to call the group Together Linking Carers (TLC).

A disAbility Services parent runs TLC, with support from Woodville Alliance. The group may grow in the future, to include alternative meeting times and locations, but for now, TLC meets monthly.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 15 March from 6.30-7.30pm

To book, click here, or call us on 9722 5200


NDIS support, when you want it

The NDIS is here in South West Sydney and Woodville is listening and adapting what we do, to support families transition to the new funding arrangements.

We’ve welcomed new people to our support services — people who want choice and flexibility in disability supports…people who want extended hours and support options for families.

We’re investing time in supporting people transitioning to our service options. We are also adding new services and choices for living the life you want.

Our disAbility Services staff are a passionate bunch who go the extra mile… to support you to live the life you want.

If you want to talk to one of us about what we can do to support you with your NDIS funding, you can call us on 9722 5222.

Book Disability Services online soon

disability_services_sydney_online_bookingsAn online booking system for disability support services is in the making at Woodville Alliance.

Keep an eye on our website for updates as they happen.

NDIS Provider number 4050003012

Need NDIS assistance? call our Customer Service Line on 9722 5222


All about ‘home’—dance partnership with Fairfield youth theatre co

A group of Woodville clients are making final preparations for the launch of a creative project they have been working on in collaboration with long-term partners,  the Powerhouse Youth Theatre.

The six dancers have reflected on their idea of ‘home’ during the Dance Diaries project. Throughout the project, the Disability Services dancers have enjoyed the involvement of their families, who are an important part of the project.

Choreographer Linda Luke is the creative driving force behind Dance Diaries, along with film maker Martin Fox and sound designer, Michael Toisuta. Linda has established a great connection with the dancers thanks to a previous creative partnership the dancers were involved with in 2015, Being Moved.

The experience of working with the six dancers is wonderfully expressed in a blog post written by Linda, where she talks about what she learnt and valued most about  the process.

Dance Diaries has been a journey that has involved months of workshops, film shoots, rehearsals and discoveries.

It is through projects like this one that Woodville Alliance supports clients of our Disability Services program to access their community, express themselves, experience something new, perform in front of an audience and work together

Dance Diaries: Reflections of Home

Friday 31 March 6-8pm

Powerhouse Youth Theatre, Fairfield


Lunar New Year 2017

Traditional foods were at the centre of celebrations this week for Lunar New Year— the Year of the Rooster.

With Sydney’s Chinese New Year Festival one of the biggest celebrations of Lunar New Year outside of Asia, Woodville Alliance had our very own slice of Lunar New Year, with a gathering at our Head Office.


Woodville serves and celebrates the diverse communities of Western Sydney, one of the most ethnically diverse communities in Australia, which is why we don’t need much of an excuse to celebrate cultural events!


For more information on events in and around Fairfield, go to our Facebook page for more links to what’s on.

Happy Lunar New Year!