Celebrating diversity at the Living Cultures Festival

Celebrating the energy and diversity of Fairfield City and its communities



Fairfield City Council recently hosted The Living Cultures Festival at the Fairfield Museum & Gallery and we were there!


In celebration of Harmony Day, we invited visitors to take a selfie with our Harmony Day selfie frame and welcomed all visitors to our stall to leave their handprint on Woodville’s canvas – a symbol of inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.


Fairfield’s diversity was on display with wonderful cultural performances, music and food.

A big thank you to our dedicated staff who donated their time to attend to our stall – Steven, Nargis and Karisha.

Our Saturday Leisure Link group was also at the Living Cultures Festival.
Leisure Link and Leisure Link Plus are recreational programs that run three Saturdays of every month.

It’s all about fun and accessing the best Sydney has to offer such as museums, festivals and events, cinemas, golf, swimming and much more.
Call Mike on 9722 5200 to book a spot today!

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