Community Initiatives

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Child and Family


Woodville Alliance helps strengthen good parenting practices. We build on the wisdom parents bring, yet can also connect you to highly qualified professionals working from evidence of what is proven to help families.

Some of us simply want reassurance that we are doing all we can, others of us find ourselves in very distressing circumstances that need a lot of support.  We can support you in any of the following ways:

One on one meeting with a child and family worker

We can meet up with you on a ‘one off’ or regular basis. We will listen to your concerns. We may help you set some goals based on what you and your family most require and help you create plans to reach these goals. We often find it helps to work with whole families, including children.

Parenting Courses

We run parent courses with well qualified and experienced facilitators. We learn from their insights as well as the wisdom of all those participating in the course. This includes specialist courses to parents of teenagers.

Options for Tweens and Teens

We also have programs to support older children and teenagers build life skills to make healthy choices for their future. For example our youth and family workers run programs like DRUMBEAT. This promotes social understanding and connection through a team drumming experience. It helps build healthy self -esteem and team work. We also run anti bullying programs and a variety of purely social activities. Young people can also meet one on one with experienced workers to talk through challenging issues.


When we don’t have what you need we commit ourselves to find someone who does. Sometimes people need more in depth counselling, other times a specific Doctor or an Allied Health Professional. Maybe you need some respite.  Our goal is to match you to what you need.

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