Community Initiatives

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Together for a Better community



By working together with our community we can make significant improvements to things that matter to us. We believe this must begin with community conversations where we listen to what the community wants.  Out of this listening we partner with residents, non -government and government organisations to build a better future.

Our Community Centre located in the heart of Villawood is a key meeting point for our Community. We provide rooms for meetings, opportunities to access important information though internet, phone, fax or photocopier and times for a variety of services to offer advice and referral services. This includes financial counselling, Centrelink support, Tenancy advocacy and more.

Where: 130 Wattle Ave, Carramar 2163
Opening Hours: M-F 9am-5pm
Contact us: Phone (02) 9724 3807 or use our online inquiry form

Community Garden

We partner with Housing NSW and our local gardening club to provide a therapeutic community meeting space enjoyed by people of all ages.

Seniors Groups

Some of Woodville Alliance’s most celebrated volunteers are local senior citizens with purpose filled lives.  They invite you to enjoy activities such as Chinese Painting, Gentle Exercise and Craft.

A More Child Friendly Community

Together with local parents, schools, businesses and sporting clubs we support the community to become a place where kids have space to play and dreams to aspire to.  Our Active Kids Program encourages children and families into active lifestyles through healthy eating and entry into sports. Our Bridge to High School Program builds children’s confidence and self-belief so they enter high school more confidently. This includes Next Step tours in partnership with local businesses who share stories of possibility and career aspiration.


This is a partnership with a number of local agencies and community members for ways to work together for a better future for young people.

Social Enterprise

We partner with local businesses and social entrepreneurs to create opportunities to develop skills and employment opportunities.

be notified of new developments in creating a better future.