Early Childhood Education and Care

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When is the Centre open?

The centre is open from Monday to Friday, 7am to 5.30pm and operates for 48 weeks of the year. It is closed for Public Holidays and four weeks over the Christmas and New Year period.

What Happens In The Centre With The Children?

We aim to provide a homelike atmosphere that also stimulates learning and development.  As staff, we want to provide a trusting and secure environment for both you and your children.

We have 2 rooms for the children:

  1. The Joeys Room is for our 1–3.5 year old children. In this room we have up to 12 children with 2-3 educators.  The program offered in this room is focused around the EYLF.
  2. The Kangaroo Room is for our 3.5-5 year old children. In this room we have up to 27 children with 3-4 educators.  The program in this room provides a focus on the EYLF and School Readiness Skills.

Each day we carefully plan and set up both the indoor and outdoor areas.  We include a variety of experiences to so that children explore all areas of development – physical, social, intellectual.  Research has shown that children learn through play and the centre provides learning environments where children can explore, develop and learn. Some of the skills they acquire include self-discipline, sharing, turn taking, co-operation and communication skills.

What are the fees?

The daily fee for children aged 1-2 years is $101 per day.
The daily fee for children aged 2-5 years is $94 per day

Please note: Fees are reviewed yearly and subject to change when necessary.
On the day that the enrolment form is submitted a $20 enrolment fee (non-refundable) and $50 holding fee is taken, total $70.
On your first week you will be required to pay a bond of one week’s worth of fees at the full fee rate. You will also need to pay your first week’s fees.

Can we get assistance with our Childcare Fees?

The Australian Government may provide financial assistance towards the cost of your child’s care. If you would like to access this assistance, please let your Centre Director know the following information:

  • Your Customer Reference number (CRN issued to you by the Family Assistance Office).
  • Your child’s Customer Reference Number (issued to you by the Family Assistance Office).
  • Your date of birth (CRN Holder).
  • Your child’s date of birth.

This information will be provided to the Australian Department of Education and validated against their records to determine if you can receive a Child Care Rebate (CCR) and/or Child Care Benefit  (CCB) If you do not have a CRN please contact the Family Assistance Office by calling 13 61 50, or by visiting one of their offices.

Please contact us for further information via our contact us form for a full listing of Frequently Asked Questions

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