Early Childhood Education and Care

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  • Every child and family is different.  We value and respect your individuality.  We create a place at Carramar where every child can learn in their own way and feel cared for as an individual.  Our care for your child includes thinking about your cultural background or any additional needs your child might have.
  • We know that you are your child’s most powerful teachers and friends.  We work in partnership with you to find the best way to care for your children.  We encourage you to be involved with the Centre.  We believe this approach strengthens a child’s sense of belonging, which is a vital part of their identity and development.
  • We believe that children learn through play and hands on experience.  Play is a non-threatening way for children to show what they’ve learnt, make sense of the world, develop social skills, test new ideas and challenge each others thinking.  You can read more about our Learning Framework here.
  • We care for our staff, encourage them and promote their professional development.  They each have extensive skills and experience and a strong commitment to the work they do.  Our respect for our staff flows through to the care they show your children.  Our staff follow our policies to create an environment that is always safe, healthy and respectful.
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