Early Childhood Education and Care

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At Carramar Early Childhood Education and Care Centre we believe:

        • That all children are successful, capable and competent learners. We believe that “play is a child’s work” and through play, children learn about themselves and others and gain an understanding of the world around them.
        • All children are unique, individual people who will receive respect and equality as valued members of our community.
        • That the rights of children are paramount and we advocate for these rights. We ensure that the child’s voice is heard through out our service and programs.
        • That children should be provided with a program of learning that is based on the their interests and developing skills and supported by the Early Years Learning Framework. Children are provided with opportunities and time to investigate, explore, create, research and experiment with ideas and their environment to develop an appetite for life long learning. We also understand the importance of providing opportunities for intentional teaching and seeking out teachable moments to support our children’s learning.
        • Our team should work with intention to develop best practice in all areas of their work to ensure the highest quality of care and education is provided to all children. We support continued reflection on practice and value continued professional development for our team.
        • In developing authentic, trusting and respectful relationship with children, families and each other.
        • In family centred education and support parents, carers and families participating in our service and programs. We respect families differences and work in partnership with families to ensure all children have the best start. We believe in the saying, “it takes a village to raise a child” and seek out ways to support children and families within and beyond our service.
        • That our children, families, team members and community members should feel a sense of belonging to our service. We believe that our service should look and feel like home. Educators work with intention to provide a safe, healthy, welcoming and peaceful environment for all to enjoy.
        • All children have the right to access high quality early education and ensure we provide an inclusive environment. We will work in collaboration with children, families and other professionals to support children in accessing our environments and programs.
        • In celebrating difference and diversity within our community, with our children and families. We value each child’s heritage, home language and culture and will support children to develop their personal identity and be supportive and encouraging of each other.
        • That our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their culture should be celebrated and imbedded into our daily work with children. We acknowledge that as the First People of our land their wisdom, stories and perspectives must be shared with our children.

Reviewed May 2017

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