Early Childhood Education and Care

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Our educators and teachers are all qualified in early childhood education and have many years of early learning experience. We love our work!

Shery Salib
Teaching Director – Carramar Early Childhood Education and Care Centre

Shery has worked within the early childhood education system for over five years. She has a strong passion for early education and for leading and supporting a team that provides the highest quality education and care for children.

Shery’s is committed to maintaining and developing strong and respectful relationships with all of our families, and to  ensuring positive outcomes for all the children who attend our centre. Shery will provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children under our care so that the children feel happy and comfortable.

As a trained and experienced teacher, Shery is very aware of the critical importance of quality early education for all children and thus will focus on learning that supports all the key milestones in a child’s early life.

Shery has achieved her Bachelor of Education Early Childhood (0-8).

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