Powerhouse Museum hosts world premiere film!

A film with a difference had its world premiere at the Kings Cinema this week.

The red carpet was rolled out, autographs were written and it was an event filled with excitement, pride and a lot of happiness.



The film project was the brainchild of a man with an intellectual disability. Mark set himself the goal of seeing himself on film and Woodville Alliance helped make it happen.

But Mark wasn’t the only one to benefit from his idea, a group of other clients made the trip into the city to the Powerhouse Museum to create ‘The Mysterious Whale of Hawaii’. The film was made possible by a collaboration with our Powerhouse Digital Learning partners.

“It puts a smile on my face” said one participant who came up with the story idea for the short film. The clients from Woodville not only acted in the film, they co-wrote the script and arranged the music.


For the Powerhouse Museum team, working with Woodville clients offered up their first experience working on a disability access project and according to Courtney Stewart, it proved to be very rewarding.

Courtney was part of the Powerhouse’s first movie making project with Woodville, ‘The Banana Bread Muffin Saga’. She sees the project as a way of leveling the playing field for all abilities.

Following the world premiere of the ‘Banana Muffin’ movie, the word spread amongst Woodville clients about how much fun it was to make a short film. So a new group of clients set the goal of taking part in making a movie.


“It was a lot of fun for us, we felt really redundant,” Courtney said, “the group was really good at making a mystery comedy film!”

Tamara, the mother of one participant who attended the launch this week, said her daughter had gained some confidence from being part of the movie making group and it was great to see her doing something different and ‘out of the box’. For Tamara, it was all about having a go and she enjoyed seeing her daughter do a happy dance every day she had attended the movie making program.


A number of clients spoke to the launch guests following the movie premiere, and thanked the Powerhouse staff for supporting them along the way.

“We’ve really come a long way. Thanks – we really appreciate it,” said Wasim.


From small beginnings, and Mark’s individual goal, a group of adults with an intellectual disability had the chance to travel into the city from western Sydney over eight weeks and  do something amazing.


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