Raw creative talent of Woodville client in the news


The artistic talents of one Disability Services client featured in a news story in the Fairfield Advance on 9 November 2016.

Farokh’s talent as an artist is known by all who know him but it was great to be recognised in our local media.

His 70 x 100cm acrylic on canvas was created by taking a photo of himself which he worked from to create his artwork over a two week period. The painting is being submitted for consideration to be exhibited at the Blooming Arts exhibition, organised by Inner West Council. The Exhibition is a celebration of International Day of People with a Disability.

Blooming Arts staff have been working with Woodville clients to develop their artistic abilities, in a safe and supported environment.  The workshops support our clients to ensure they have choices in the sort of art project they create, the colours they want to use and encouragement to do their best.

Artists are invited to submit their art, giving an opportunity to people with a disability to showcase and celebrate their abilities in the art arena and to be acknowledged by their family, friends, peers and the general public.

Participants can draw and paint freely and express what they see in their mind. They have learnt many different ways to paint, not only using paint brushes but also other tools such as tree branches, leaves, flowers, a ball and sponges. They also created art works using textas, charcoal, pencils and oil pastels.

Disability Services General Manager Steven Lowrie said, “in this artwork Farokh intuitively uses contrasting colours. The brushstrokes and texture incorporated into the piece give the work a very contemporary feel.”

“Some people who attend our Disability Services cannot communicate verbally so art offers a wonderful creative outlet where they can express themselves. Through our goal setting program, our clients can choose to take part in a range of creative activities such as music therapy, choir, dance,  drama and film making.”

To find out how Woodville Alliance can support you with your NDIS plan, call us on (02) 9722 5200 or email NDIS@woodville.org.au.

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