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Our Future Strategic Directions

This page provides useful project information, updates and tools to support you and your team’s engagement in developing Woodville Alliance’s next Strategic Plan.

Get involved! We’re creating a new Strategy for the next stage of Woodville Alliance’s future.

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Why are we doing this?

Our previous strategy ended in 2021. With the interruption of COVID, the development of new strategic directions for Woodville Alliance was put on hold. Now is the time to decide our organisation’s future goals and aspirations.

What are we doing?

The Leadership Team and the Board have started working on Woodville Alliance’s future strategic directions to help create the organisation we want to be by 2028.

You said Woodville could do more to improve how we work and more for the community. We wholeheartedly agree! The strategic directions will prioritise these improvements to transform Woodville and lay the foundations for a stronger organisation in the future.

What has happened so far?

  • In January 2023, you provided feedback on our core organisational values. Values are at the heart of our organisation and tell us about our purpose and destination. We are refreshing our values to align with who we are today.
  • We have formed a Strategic Project Team (SPT). The SPT brings together the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and management representatives, Kelly Lowry (Disability Service Manager) and Liz (Elizabeth) Antoszkiw (Manager Community Initiatives). The SPT is supported by external consultants, Upfront Thinking.
  • The SPT recently participated in a Strategy warm-up session and tackled topics to understand our current and future state, including our: Footprint: who are our clients and community, where do we deliver services?, and Impact: what difference are we making, and what impact could we have?

What is coming up?

The Strategic Project Team has been busy preparing information to set the scene for the Strategy Workshop with the Board on Saturday, 18th March 2023. These papers include:

  • Report on achievements against the 2019 – 2021 Strategic Plan
  • Situational analysis – a summary of our internal and external environment touching on what is happening for our clients, community, the sector, government and the future opportunities for Woodville.
  • Client and community feedback and our brand
  • Your 2022 Employee Engagement Survey feedback and the priority action areas for Woodville
  • Workforce needs and trends
  • Summary of the fast-moving changes in the disability sector


Get involved!

Your voice matters as we shape the future directions of our diverse and vibrant organisation.

  • Your leaders will hold team discussions with you in the coming weeks. We want to know the following:

– What do you love about working at Woodville?
– How could we improve our organisation?
– In 2028, what do you think Woodville could be doing?

  • Stay tuned for more online information and updates via Microsoft Teams.

Give us feedback!

We welcome your feedback to improve our communication on this important project and any ideas or comments you may want to share in the planning process. Talk to your manager about them or email mandrews@woodville.org.au

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