Woodville Alliance delivers projectABLE!!

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Woodville Alliance delivers projectABLE!!

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projectABLE’s half-day career workshops inspire students to apply their passions, skills and abilities to enrich their lives and the lives of others by pursuing a rewarding care career.

Woodville Alliance Disability Services recently had the pleasure of sharing details of their day to day lives with students from Holroyd and Beverly Hills High Schools.

Woodville Staff and service users deliver the fun workshops which involve hands on exercises to help build skills and knowledge.

Students have the opportunity to interact with staff from Woodville Alliance who work hands on in the disability sector, learning about their careers and working life. Students are encouraged to think about their own skills and how they might be applied to different career paths.

There is a huge variety of career options in the disability and community care sector; from support workers and nurses, to social workers, advocates, physiotherapists, marketing professionals, business managers and IT support staff.

As the photos illustrate – an interactive and educational experience was had by all!!

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