Woodville Alliance values rate a 10

This week Woodville Alliance closed its doors for one day. We did this so that staff from all of our work sites could come together and reflect on the culture and values of our organisation.


To close all of our services for an entire work day is a big thing to do. Again, Woodville closed its doors. For one whole work day.

This step was not taken lightly. It is significant in that it demonstrates the importance placed by Woodville’s leadership team on staff development, reflecting and evolving. All of our people were given the opportunity to come together. And learn.

Woodville’s annual Staff Development Day

Under the guidance of our facilitators, the Voice Project , we particularly reflected on what it means to work in a values based organisation, by unpacking the meaning behind the values that we hold dear in the work that we do every day.

Whether it is supporting a family at risk, educating a young child, partnering with other organisations to address youth unemployment or providing a place and opportunities for people with a disability to be themselves, our people demonstrate our values each and every day in some way.

At Woodville, our values include:

We were asked the big questions and given the opportunity to express what Woodville’s culture and values mean to us. We used words, video, design and other creative ways to express ourselves.


What was very clear this day was that as a values based organisation, our values are at the very core of everything we do. They define how we behave, what is important to us. Our Staff Development Day reinforced this. The staff themselves said this.

With our busy work days, we are not always afforded the opportunity to reflect. But exploring complex issues such as values and culture in a range of creative and expressive ways is part of our work to review our core values. We want to make sure that as an organisation we evolve, respond and adapt to changing environments. We believe it is important.

Our vision is for a fairer, more just society and improved quality of life for people in South West Sydney.

So how did our people rate our values? Overall, our current values rated very highly, at 9-10/10.


If you are interested in working at our values based organisation and think your skills would be a good fit for what we do, keep an eye on our Vacancies page.

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